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The Bengal Cat Personality

There are many aspects to the character of the Bengal cat, and they are as unusual as they are varied. For the Bengal cat is no regular cat. The Bengal cat breed’s beauty is undeniable. Their coats are actually called pelts, and they are as smooth as stain, and they are sleek, glossy, and marbled or spotted. These coats are unique to the Bengal cat, and their coat actually looks like gold dust glitter is covering it, which looks outstanding outside in the sunshine. Some people say that the Bengal cat’s hair doesn’t even cause as many allergic reactions as other cat breeds.

The Bengal cat personality makeup has a lot to do with their wild ancestry, and it has ingrained a mischievous, alert, and highly intelligent nature in them. Although the housework might take twice as long, you won’t ever be bored with a Bengal cat that was boisterous inside your house. Their skill to emerge as a lump underneath the cover of the duvet once you have finished changing it has set back the housework a number of times.

I think one of the best things about owning a Bengal is to begin training it as soon as it comes into your household so that it will know what is not, and what is, acceptable. If they’re left unchecked, cats will create a lot of havoc around your house unless they know what your boundaries are. A firm and simple hissing noise coming out of your mouth when your cat misbehaves will let it know that it should stop. Bengals are extremely quick to understand. It will see the hissing noise as a reprimand once a very short time has gone by. Ziggi and Misti learned what I meant after only doing it twice. I had both my kittens behaving well after a short time of their home introduction. Their fast learning ability meant that I just showed them once what the cat flap was before they understood what it was meant for. Introducing them to the collar was also effortless, and they wore them just like they had been born with them on as well. When they were one years old, I used a harness on both of them, but they wouldn’t have it at all, and they both protested a lot. If I had tried it when they were only kittens, then I think the results would have been much more successful.

The Bengal cats have a fascination with water. They will get into the shower with you for no apparent reason at all, and they will seem to have no fear of it. They will also paddle around in the water bowl to clear it off before they drink it, just like the Asian Leopard cat does when it is in the wild. There is a tiny stream just a couple hundred yards away from the house at the bottom of the field, and my cat will paddle through it happily, but the other cat is not so loving toward the water and will jump over the stream.

They have a very vocal repertoire, and it is extremely varied, and it ranges from alarming guttural sounds, to urgent yells, to yowls, to chirrups, to simple meows. Often, when I’m out for a walk with some of my animals. one of the cats will start to fall behind a little bit. I will call out to him, and the sound that returns to me from across the field is very distressing and primal. It’s not unlike a baby that is distraught. A stranger that heard this would think that something horrible had happened to him, and that he was in a terrible pain, when all he was really doing was calling out to me.

These little cats enjoy interaction with humans, and they need to get as much attention as they can. For a person who is living in a flat that is gone at work for most of the day with no real access to the outdoors, the Bengal cat might not be the cat for you. If you reside in a town, it is a great idea to fence your garden around with fencing that is cat-proof so that your Bengal cat can get some exercise outdoors. They are an extremely muscular cat, and they enjoy dashing around like a manic before they end up somewhere like on a tree branch.

They are very like dogs. They are so intelligent and active that they need mental stimulation and communication with other creatures, preferably canine or feline as well as human too. When my Bengal cats were kittens, I used to set up little games with all sorts of household objects and rope with them to keep their minds occupied, and then when they got bored with one game, I would set up another game. They would tail me around the house, into and around everything, and they would help me work on whatever I was doing, and then they would curl up with me underneath the duvet in the night. Since they are grown up into adulthood now, I think that all of this interaction between us has worked to create a very strong bond, and they have grown up to be very balanced, bold, and confident cats. Several times, I have woken up in the middle of the night with a sleeping Bengal cat, seen it stretch out its 20 pound body under the duvet, and pushed me farther and farther away toward the bed’s edge.

I can only speak from experience about the two Bengal cats I have, but it’s not an exaggeration to say that these cats are definitely the most affectionate cats that I have lived with ever. Once you’ve gotten to know a Bengal cat in your life, you will recognize that you can never be without one.