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How Long Do Bengal Cats Live?

12-16 years is the basic lifespan for Bengal cats. I’m not aware of any information that shows that Bengal cats are at risk of dying from anything other than anything else that other breeds die of. There are so many cats that just die from being hit by cars. FIV, FIP, and FeLV are common, and they can lead to cat deaths if they’re not vaccinated. If kittens live to be geriatrics, they can get diabetes, and they might get several complications form diabetes, like cancer, kidney disease, thyroid problems, and so on. Bengal cats might be a little bit more likely to get into toxins because of their nature of being curious. Also, I think that because Bengal cats need more attention than other cat breeds, they are regularly relinquished for horrible behavior that stems from lack of attention and boredom – hopefully they are not abandoned, and they are re-homed instead.

I understand you are scared about having just a short time with your Bengal friend left. Understand, averages are just averages. There are usually cats that live much more past the average, and especially well with good care. Be certain to get blood work done on him annually to check for other parameters and kidney function, get him the vaccines, an annual examination, take care of any tooth issues, and deal with health problems when they come up. Concentrate on enjoying your pet while he is here, and attempt to not focus as much on the what ifs of life. Take photographs now so you have a few photographs to remember him by. It’s very hard to lose a cat, but sadly, their lifespans are not as long as ours. Enjoy your bengal cat.