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Bengal Cats and Water

Bengal cats often have a real desire for water. It is an extremely normal trait of the Bengal cat’s personality, and it’s a unique result of their wild ancestry. They get attracted to running water, and they aren’t afraid to jump into the water to investigate the source. That’s the reason that Bengals can jump into bath or showers, and they might get up to inspect the running water in the kitchen sink, and they might even get involved in the toilet water. They can also get pretty messy sometimes with the drinking fountain or the drinking bowl.

Bengal cats are great feline friends and domestic friends that are excellent for families that are active. The Bengal cat’s personality is not just tame, but it also has some qualities that are like dogs, and it’s unique. So, for families that want pets that are active, but they don’t want all the trouble connected with dogs, like walks daily, a Bengal cat is an excellent pet to own. It’s excellent for people that desire a very special and unique cat that has a wild animal look on the exterior, but a tender and loving personality inside.

Bengal cats have a curiosity that is inborn. They are incredible explorers. This is an important personality and character trait that they have. This is because of the intelligence that this breed has. That’s the reason that Bengal cats have so many tricks that you can offer to them and are so easy to train. One more aspect of the personality they have is that it is a certain result of their curiosity and intelligence, and they are extremely confident too. If they want to get something, they will try to get it. You don’t need to fear when some of the jars crack or when the cupboards open up if it is your Bengal cat that is looking for its best treat or toy that you have stashed away somewhere.