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The Bengal Cat is a medium-sized to large-sized domestic feline breed that was originally bred from the crossings of the domestic cat and the small Asian Leopard Cat in a ploy to make a companion that had an exotic look, but still had a domestic temperament. After between four and five generations of breeding between Bengals, the breed is recognized for championship competition by most of the international domestic cat associations like the AACE, GCCF, and TICA.

The Bengal has a beautiful coat, and it makes it really stand out in a crowd. There are a lot of shades that form the Bengal’s background color, ranging from ivory, buff, sand, brown and orange, rust, and golden. Bengal spots can change in color, from black to charcoal to chocolate brown to cocoa to rust. There are a lot of Bengal patterns that have inherited striking spots or rosettes, sometimes a secondary color making a dark outline on the spot.

The other Bengal pattern is named marble. This is made by mixture of rosettes from the classic tabby pattern as well as the Asian Leopard Cat, and they make a “marbleized” look, and there are a couple of colors swirled into the colors of the base. At best, both the marbled and spotted patterns need to have a horizontal flow instead of a vertical appearance. Because the original goal for breeding Bengal cats was to attempt to mimic the appearance of the Asian Leopard Cat, the dominant pattern, which is spotted, is most common.

The Bengal Cat has an extremely intelligent, interactive, active, and happy personality. Every single domestic cat breed has its own unique feature set, and the Bengal cat’s exotic heritage can be seen if you look at their activities every day. Bengal cats will contentedly search out a lap to sit on or lay out on the sofa by you during a nap, although they are extremely active throughout the rest of the day.

The Bengal is an energetic cat breed, and it is not for people who want a leopard print cat that will look very decorative. Whether they are looking in the aquarium or playing in their food bowls, fetching things for their families, or taking walks out on a leash, or they are climbing on the highest cabinets, they are very active throughout the day. Bengal cats are always on the movie, and they are great for anyone who wants to play with their cat daily and interact with it. The Bengal cat, like a number of other pets, has to have a great deal of affection and attention and enjoys being a great part of the family.

The International Bengal Cat Society is an all-volunteer society of Bengal Cat enthusiasts. They are bringing this wonderful exotic feline breed to breeders and enthusiasts all over the web. They hope you will share their excitement over this rapidly developing and new breed.

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